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Frankston Toyota


How To Choose A Quality Used Car

November  30th  2016

These days most used cars are available to view in photographs online before a physical inspection. Whilst photos can provide a good indication about the condition of a car, they only tell part of the story.

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Tyre Maintenance and Purchase Guide

November  10th  2016

Tyre shopping. It’s not a particularly exciting proposition is it?

But considering how essential tyres are to the safety and performance of your car, making sure you’ve got the right rubber is pretty important.

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Service Comparison Chart

October  3rd  2016

Discount $99 non dealer service & Dealership logbkook service

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Kananook Primary School National Tree Planting Day

August  15th  2016

To mark this year’s National Tree Day, we combined our love of the environment with our passion for supporting the local Frankston community.

Frankston Toyota got involved in National Tree Day’s dedicated Schools Tree Day activities on Friday 29 July, donating over 200 trees and plants to Kananook Primary School!

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Winter Driving Tips Every Toyota Driver Must Know

August  8th  2016

With the arrival of winter comes many of our favourite things: heading up to the mountains for a weekend away with friends, tucking into a hot pie at the local footy, getting cosy on the couch with a good book in front of an open fire, the list goes on.

When it comes to driving, however, winter can be one of the nasty seasons. So, we’ve decided to put our heads together and come up with a few handy tips to keep your and your family safe this chilly season.

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Genuine parts vs non genuine parts

July  10th  2016

One of the main expenses we are all bound to come across when owning a car is the cost of regular maintenance. And, let’s be honest here, we ALL dislike shelling out for a service!

Sadly, as with any mechanical device, certain parts of your car need changing from time to time – and due to the initial cost factor, you might think that going to a non-Toyota service Centre who offers cheaper parts over genuine ones is the way to go, cost wise.

This is however, not necessarily so.

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