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Frankston Toyota

1-4 Wells Road, Seaford, VIC 3198
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A Female-Friendly Dealership

It’s no secret that car dealerships and the automotive industry have traditionally been male-dominated environments, but we all know that women drive cars too.

In fact, we recognise that women drive about half the new cars on Australian roads, are key decision makers; influencing more than 80% of all car purchasing decisions, but who often feel intimidated walking into a dealership.

Most importantly, we understand that everyone buys cars, needs to get their cars serviced and deserves to feel comfortable and confident throughout all dealings with automotive professionals.

That’s why Frankston Toyota is proudly a female-friendly dealership

We want every individual who walks into our dealership to feel welcome and comfortable.

To assist in achieving this goal, Frankston Toyota employ a large number of women, whose positons are vital to the effective running of our dealership – the team employed at Frankston Toyota reflects our dedication to equality.

Deal with a female team member at every stage

Perhaps you’re a female customer who has had a less than desirable experience in the automotive industry in the past… You might find that our female staff members can be particularly understanding of your needs.

If you would prefer to work through your automotive needs with a woman, simply let us know. You can deal with women across each stage of the car buying process: Sales, finance, vehicle delivery and the service phase.

We also have a secure play area just for kids, so you can feel safe and confident to bring your family in during your time with us too.

Consistent service for all our customers

Cars are not just a man’s world and we are committed to providing all our customers with the respectful and transparent service they deserve - regardless of gender - you can count on that.

A dealership you can depend on

Whether you want to buy a new car, arrange finance or have your vehicle serviced, Frankston Toyota has a team you can depend on.

Ultimately, we have created a dealership environment where women can come and feel welcome, comfortable and well looked after - because women love their cars too.

If you would like to know more about how a female friendly experience at Frankston Toyota can make all the difference to your buying or ownership experience send us an email at femalefriendly@frankstontoyota.com.au or call us on 03 9783 8877 and let us know.